Oval platter flat Modern


Just over a year ago now we decided we needed a larger serving platter in the Modern range that wasn't a bowl and this was the result. Our Oval flat platter is large enough to hold a whole fish or a variety of nibbles for guests at home to enjoy. 

This hosting platter is fine and delicate just like the rest of the Modern range but because of it's clay these tend to be extremely robust and can handle being passed around a dinner table at Christmas time. We find our Olive Bowls act as good space fillers if there are times when you just don't have enough food to fill the whole surface.

Please note each item is hand crafted and can vary slightly in shape and shade of colour. Despite our pottery being dishwasher safe we prefer to hand wash this shape being of its size. If using in the oven please be cautious of temperature shock as it can cause cracking.

450 L  325 W  25 H

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