Large Modern Mug


The next batch of Modern will be made in April and should be available in-store & online by May 2022. 

We have a small set of these in our staff room here in Raglan, they always get used for big cups of tea or a decent cup of coffee on those fresh studio mornings. The large mug is the largest mug we make here at Tony Sly and are all thrown by Tony and then the handles are pulled onto the side usually a day later.

Available in 5 colours options feel free to mix and match or stick to one preferred colour. These mugs always tend to sell out quickly, if they are sold out please note your name down and we'll let you know when there's more fresh from the kiln.

If you prefer a smaller mug we make one other style which fits well under espresso machines here.

Dishwasher & microwave safe. Please be cautious with temperature shock when handling our pottery.

90 W  95 H  125 L (With handle) \ Holds roughly 350ml

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