Pasta Bowl Rustic


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Our pasta bowls are one of those shapes you could watch Tony throw all day. He's so fast and instinctual you'd think he could do it with his eyes closed because he makes so many - that's because they tend to be one of our best sellers. Available in 3 sizes and 4 colourways, our pasta bowls are your everyday bowl. 

The smallest size is used as a breakfast bowl, buddha bowl, salad bowl and dessert bowl. They are easy to stack in the cupboard and look tidy when leaving a stack on the table for guests to help themselves to. Our medium size is the go to gift for many, but when keeping one for yourself you generally use them for your family lunches and dinners and when not in use often end up on the bench holding fruit. The large pasta bowl however is the big hosting bowl, it's beautiful and heavy especially paired with a set of our Acacia Salad Servers.


With our Rustic Range we recommend hand washing as this will increase the life of the pottery. Microwaving is ok but if using the pottery in an oven please be conscious of temperature shock as placing a hot piece on a cold surface or cold piece in a hot oven place may cause cracking.


Large   380 L  380 W  100 H
Medium  300 L  300 W  85 H
Small  230 L  230 W  65 H