Oval Platter Flat Rustic


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A well known platter from way back which is mostly used for hosting. Our thick Rustic platters are comforting and familiar to most but if you're yet to own one let us explain how they feel in your hands. 

We roll the clay out to a decent thickness and thumb on a heavy coil around the rim of the oval mould which ends up giving you a perfect little wedge to carry the platter around by. The chunky nature of this range make roast dinners look like it was made by Ruth Pretty's caterers, and having the green or mustard at home on the bench top holding fruit is another way to show these off without needing to put in any effort.


With our Rustic Range we recommend hand washing as this will increase the life of the pottery. Microwaving is ok but if using the pottery in an oven please be conscious of temperature shock as placing a hot piece on a cold surface or cold piece in a hot place may cause cracking.


490 L  360 W  45 H