Oval Platter Deep Rustic


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Another traditional shape that Tony has been making for over 20 years, and available now in two functional sizes. The medium is a happy size and has the timeless chunky drips and glaze pools like it always has had but is still simple to handle and toss salads on. 

The larger size is a go to fruit bowl for many people who have collected the Rustic over the years, filling with antipasto foods and Olive Bowls as space fillers does the trick at making the food stand out from the rest of the table.

With our Rustic Range we recommend hand washing as this will increase the life of the pottery. Microwaving is ok but if using the pottery in an oven please be conscious of temperature shock as placing a hot piece on a cold surface or cold piece in a hot place may cause cracking.


Large   450 L  380 W  55 H
Medium  340 L  280 W  55 H