Oven Dish Rustic


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This is our oven dish, available in our 3 Rustic colourways and ideal for dishes that need a high sided edge. Serving a roast vegetable salad or stack of fritters for lunch is what this platter is best used for.

Yes, it is called an oven dish, feel free to use it in the oven but please be cautious of temperature shock. Our platters can withstand serious temperature but only when it's a slow increase or decrease. Avoid putting cold platters in hot ovens or hot platters on cold surfaces.


With our Rustic Range we recommend hand washing as this will increase the life of the pottery. Microwaving is ok but if using the pottery in an oven please be conscious of temperature shock as placing a hot piece on a cold surface or cold piece in a hot  place may cause cracking.


360 L  240 W  60 H