Handcrafted Mini Stool


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Our shop seems to always be 50% pottery and 50% stools. These stools are probably one of the most versatile accessories in the shop, our shop girls are always pulling them out to reach the top shelf to grab jugs. They also come in handy next to the fire, as a side table, for toddlers or for anyone who has crawling plants as the height encourages plants to grow down in every direction. 

If you have toddlers at home, or know someone who has, this doubles from a bathroom stool to a naughty corner stool depending on the behaviour of your young ones. The sizes are an approximate, if you have a preference on width or style please include a note on the cart place of your order.

Please note they vary a fair bit and some tend to have a wobble due to their handmade nature.

Stools range from 18 - 26cm in height