ACME Cutlery


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ACME Cutlery is a well known favourite in our storefronts because of the simplicity of the design and the well made functionality that suits many dining situations. They are sturdy and heavy, dishwasher safe and work well paired with our Modern Press Moulded Plates. 

Lay out a set of 24 for a dinner party or have them loose on the table for people to help themselves, they work in a formal setting as well as your everyday use at home. Sourced from Wellington and used in cafes, restaurants and homes around New Zealand. We stock this is an ongoing range of cutlery and we are always fully stocked.

Sold separately.


Teaspoon 125 L 23 W
Knife  240 L   20 W 
Spoon  200 L  50 W (at widest point)
Fork 200 L  25 W