Wavy Oval Plate Rustic


Out of every style we have here at Tony Sly Pottery, this Oval Plate is still Tony's favourite shape to use at home. The simplicity of pulling one of the small ovals out of the cupboard, putting a freshly made sandwich on it and then after eating slotting it easily into the dishwasher is the most seamless lunch of all time.

This applies to the medium size as well, often used as dinner plates as it provides enough space to have cutting room but then enough negative space for your food to look chef made. We originally made these for desserts and shredded meats but we are still hearing new ways of how people prefer to use their own on home. How would you use yours?

Please note each item is hand crafted and can vary slightly in shape and shade of colour. Dishwasher & microwave safe. Please be cautious with temperature shock when handling our pottery.

Medium   295 L  235 W  30 H
Small  210 L 170 W  20 H

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