Scalloped Oblong Platter Mustard

Scalloped Oblong Platter Mustard


Our Oblong Platter is the go to hosting platter for most, for us we find using the small size for slices, logs, garlic beans or shredded meat is just the beginning of what it has to offer. This small size is appealing for cheese platters too and looks gorgeous with some fresh rosemary or herbs scatter through it to liven up the crackers and cheese on display.

We coat a thick glaze of mustard or green on this brick red clay to achieve the pooling and crazing that we want and what Tony's pottery is known for. Display your meat dishes, large salads, antipasto platters and bread selections. 

The gorgeous addition of the scalloped rim, which Tony has created by pushing down on the clay with his thumbs, offers a wonderful eye-catching detail to this beloved shape. 

With our Rustic Range we recommend hand washing as this will increase the life of the pottery.

Dimensions: 350 L  210 W  30 H

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